Profiting with the Profile Weekly 1/29/17 “Going Private”

1/29/17 Profiling2Profit: the week ahead in futures

January 29, 2017 by MPTA

  • In metals: Gold (GC) — Goldie has slowly pulled back just above our zone. We have had to adjust the zone numbers. The long zone is from 1173 down to 1159. Not trigger, no trade!
  • In currencies: The Euro (6E) — We still like the long zone on the EURO. The long zone is from 1.0627 down to 1.0572.
  • In energy: Crude (CL) — Crude is floating sideways and looking more and more like it wants to break higher. We still need more trade to identify a clear zone. This could happen this week. Stay tuned .
  • Interest rates: Notes (ZN) — The notes are looking better than the Bonds so we will look for a poke trade. The Poke number is 123’185. Trim and trail. Bonds (ZB) — Bonds continue to rest after the large move down. There could be a mid-week zone so we will wait until another zone sets up.
  • Grains: Soybeans (ZS) — Soybeans mirrored Corn in the sideways zone. We will sit on the side lines and watch for a zone this week. Corn (ZC) — Corn blew through our zone and we never triggered. We posted charts in the Slack room showing each step and why it did not trigger. Corn closed on the weekly lows and is back in the sideways zone. Price could move deeper in the zone and could be waiting on the USDA report on the 9th. No zones for Corn.

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